Flight to Kolkata - educational center of India

‘’Whenever you travel, travel with all your heart’’, it makes your trip an unforgettable memory. Travel is something which teach a person many things and when a person does everything by heart it will never disappoint in their life. Kolkata is the best city to start with. As it is the most favorable city of India.

Kolkata, capital city of West Bengal and located on the bank of Hooghly river. It spans in an area of around 728.45 square meters and shelter around 14.1 million residents of the nation which make it the third most populous metropolitan area in India. It was estimated that the city has gross domestic product (adjusting for Purchasing Power Parity) is near about 104 billion, behind Mumbai and the capital city Delhi it would be the third highest among Indian cities.

It is the prominent commercial, cultural and educational center in the east of the country and it moderator many professional scientific institution such as Agri Horticultural society of India, Indian Science Congress Association, Institution of Engineers, Indian Public Health Association As well as it is different from other cities of the country as it give the equal importance to Association football and cricket dissimilar most part of the cities.
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The city is mainly known for its culture, literary, artistic revolutionary heritage. The city has been called by many names ‘’ City of Furious, Creative, Energy’’ as well as ‘’ Cultural Capital of India’’ and the people of the city is called Calcutta’s and Bengalis, the people are found very soft spoken and of friendly nature.

The city has welcomed thousands of national and international visitors throughout the year, it become the most visited city of the nation. It attracts people by its amazing climate, culture and the mostly by its alluring destinations which include: Victoria Memorial, Birla Mandir, Nicco Park, Howrah Bridge, Birla Plaetarium,  Tipu Sultan Mosque, Sundarbans, Fort Williams, Aquatica, metropolitan building. The main and the nearest airport to arrive the city is NetajiSubhash Chandra Boss International airport which provide flight to Kolkata on daily basis.

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Air Travel to Hong Kong - Asia's World City

Missing some of the most favourite cartoon characters Mickey mouse and Minney or anyone else from the Disneyland. So visit Disneyland their house and meet them actually. Aironlinetickets.com is offering you the golden opportunity to meet your favourite cartoon characters live in Hong Kong with its awesome tour package flight tickets to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the First Special Administrative Region Of China. The name Hong Kong means "Fragrant Harbour". The British Empire Triumphed Hong Kong in the First Opium War by defeating China and thus it became a British Colony. Hong Kong regarded as the World City due to its development into a major global trade hub. It is also the financial centre of China. Other than the administrative, legislative, commercial and economical status, the city also acquires the status of most alluring and most visited place of Asia. Due to limited flat land the city became the centre of modern architecture and also enjoys the title of World's Most Vertical City.

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Experience the visit to the highest point and have the pleasure of viewing skyscrapers, sparkling harbours and greenery from The Peak in Hong Kong. Moving to the southern side sojourn the marine life theme, entertainment synthesising education in the Ocean Park, the Asian winner of the most reputable award in the amusement and the theme park industry. Let the dream of your children come true by bringing them to the only Disneyland in the world as per the rules, enjoy the daily parades, live musical and firework shows there. A lot of wonders including Giant Buddha, Stanley Market and Murray House, Jumbo Kingdom, Happy Valley Race Course and Hong Kong Wetland Park.

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Budget Flight to Bali - Island of Love

As we all know the Summer Vacations about to come. To feel free from the tenseness and work stiffness have a loving vacation to The Island Of Love with a wonderful package for you Cheapest Flights to Bali on Aironlinetickets.com. Bali is the most visited and the largest tourist destination of the Asian country Denpasar. It is illustrious for its tremendously advanced arts that include traditional and modern dance, portrayal, sculpture, metal working and music. It is the home to Indonesian Film Festival that held every year in Bali and also houses most of Indonesia's Hindu Minority.

Having a pleasant atmosphere all around Bali becomes “Morning of The World". It is also known as the "Island of Peace" because of its lovely and peaceful surrounding overlaid with Coral Reefs. Bali was the host of Miss World 2013. The other names of Bali are Island of Gods and Island of Hinduism as it had numerous temples within the province and most of Hindu Minority is inhabits in the Island.
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 Here are some of the not to miss things and sights in Bali for explorers: The spectacular sunset in Bali, the evening kecak dance in Uluwatu temple, Diving at Liberty wreck Tulamben, White Water Rafting, Elephant trekking, Climbing Mount Batur at Sunrise, Parasailing at Dreamland beach and If you are that much lucky that your someone special is with you in Bali don't miss the Romantic Picnic in Bed in the soft candle lighted sprinkling beach the blindfolded desert.

Bali is also the part of the Coral Triangle having a exclusive range of dive sites with supreme reefs. Other than love and pleasure, Bali is also head most for adventures with Adventurous destinations and outside tours, trekking, Dive into the Fascinating lakes, climbing the Mount Batur and much more for you. Don't need to be frazzled about the expenses. Here we have a friendly opportunity for all to grab the budget flights to Bali only at Aironlinetickets.com just visit the official website or call us to grab your ones package. Hurry up and book your package to Bali with AirOnlineTickets.